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Acid mist treatment project

Analysis of acid mist treatment technology

The common methods of acid waste gas treatment are absorption and adsorption.

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  Analysis of acid mist treatment technology

  The common methods of acid waste gas treatment are absorption and adsorption.


  Absorption method can be divided into chemical absorption and physical absorption. Because there are a lot of acid gas in the exhaust gas, acid mist can be absorbed by spraying alkali liquor; meanwhile, alkali liquor can absorb other harmful substances in the exhaust gas. The former is absorbed by chemistry while the latter is absorbed by physics.

  2.Adsorption method

  Direct activated carbon adsorption.

  For the acid waste gas adsorption method, the effect is very poor and the cost is high, so it is not recommended to use it in this project, so the above absorption method is recommended.

  It is suggested to adopt blowing and suction hood or top suction hood in the design, but Party A thinks that it is not conducive to the operation of acid pickling process. After discussion by both parties, it is decided to set suction hood on one side of acid pickling tank according to Party A's opinion to absorb the acid mist, but if the suction effect is not good, Party A shall increase the blowing installation on the opposite side to achieve better effect.

  Due to the strong corrosiveness of the acid waste gas produced in the production workshop, the anticorrosion shall be fully considered in the selection of the gas gathering hood materials in this scheme, so as to reduce the investment cost and ensure the project quality. It is determined that the pipeline part is made of 304 material, the purification tower is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the fan is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic corrosion-resistant material, and the water pump is made of corrosion-resistant pump to ensure the project quality and the user's confidence.

Acid mist treatment project

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